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We are a young professional company driven by the desire for excellence. Udhyog derived from Sanskrit means Job. UdhyogIndia is an incessant approach towards providing Resources for Jobseekers and Employers. With all the indications pointing towards a better global economy and India in particular, we are overwhelmed to provide you with a comprehensive mix of products and services to benefit both the companies and the jobseekers.

Visual CV

Provides comprehensive picture of a jobseeker includes photograph, infographs with an analysis of the skills, experience and expertise.

Video CV

We encourage jobseekers to upload a 3 -5 minutes of video clip from YouTube briefing their USP. It enables the jobseeker to convey their thoughts in brief. The employers will find it easy to understand the offering better.


We provide experience, key skills, career growth and compensation in the form of a graph with analysis. The information will cover the entire stretch of the jobseeker’s career.

Social Media

We provide a brief insight of the job seeker's social media presence.


We provide career summary, qualifications, certificatiions, responsibilities and projects handled by the job seekers.


To become the most preferred online job portal by envisaging ourselves to bridge the gap between Professionals seeking careers and Companies seeking Talent. Mission

To contribute to the growth of professionals seeking careers by showcasing their skills in a better manner and also contribute to the growth of companies by helping them to attract and recruit right talent easily with our comprehensive tools.

We are different

It’s our endeavor to show the right candidate profiles to the companies and right opportunities to the jobseekers. UdhyogIndia provides comprehensive information enabling the users to make the best decision. UdhyogIndia runs on a cutting-edge technology enabling effective and easy to use database. We provide print, online and mobile media to reach out to jobseekers.

About the founder

Suresh Amara has over 10 years of experience in HR strategic, operational and tactical deliverables across verticals in India. His expertise range from Organization Design, Leadership development, HR Transformation, Change management to Executive training, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, HR system Design, Employer branding, Merger/Acquisition integration and demerger. Suresh Amara holds an MBA in Human Resources and MA in Applied Psychology.

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